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HELP...HELP.......  We had someone deposit $40 into our Club bank account on 12 October, 2016, but do not know who deposited the money nor what it was for.  They used "Hansford" as the Reference, but we have no member with this name, nor have we received a member application form from anyone with this Surname.  If you can help us to shed some light on this deposit, please contact our Webmaster / Newsletter Editor.  Maybe someone has applied to join our Club, but their application form has been lost in the mail or in cyberspace!

Welcome to our website!

We have launched this website to help us get information to our members and to serve them better. This website will act as a platform for us to share all our details regarding our meetings and also help members quickly get in touch.
In this website you will find  information about our Club, you will also find other useful information such as contact details, photo gallery, For Sale page, etc. 
By the way please do leave a message.
We will keep updating this website with the latest information so that you are always up to date with our activities.
If you have any feedback on how we can make our new website better please contact us as we would like to hear from you.    Our website is not complete and can only get better as time progresses.  Please feel free to ask the webmaster to add information which you feel may be important to DB enthusiasts.

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